Thursday, September 3, 2020


 Robby surveys the garden and contemplates the meaning of it all. I quite like the colours in this, as well as Robby's pose. 

I have a version of this in which Robby is chatting with a girl, but, until I decide who the girl is, I'll wait to post it.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Summer Canes?

 It's been such a long time since I first drew Amy in this picture, so I figured I'd make a new post for the coloured, 'hairy' version. I know it's summer, but I suppose Amy can play with whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

Original, bald version. I always picture Amy as having been bald at one time, perhaps in her punk days.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Lovely Green Goodness

 I was working on a picture of (what I thought was) an unrelated character, when I came up with this:

This is Verte (no family name as of yet). She's a plant/frog/some-sort-of-aquatic girl. So-called 'monster girls are a dime a dozen in anime and manga these days. I'm not particularly crazy about the genre, but some of the girls are cute. I daresay a girl like Verte has been seen somewhere before, but what the hell...I can make my own contribution to the genre. 

I think Verte is rather cute, sitting on what appears to be a lily pad. Her toenails are not painted, but are the same colour as the bulbs on her ears and her 'sprout', not to mention the bushes around her. I think Verte might be a friend of Amy As a matter of fact, she's assuming the very pose Amy is right here

A 'dressed up', smiling Verte, sitting (more safely?) on grass.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Lads are Most Emphatically Not Taking Over, But...

...they are making their presence felt more than ever before, and that's just fine. 

From left to right, Bevin Oscar Anderson (colloquially known as Bevers), Peregrine George Aldershott (colloquially known as Griners), and Bradden Cecil McFadden-Madden (colloquially known as Bradders).  These fellows are school chums of Juniper, Apricot, Fennel, Peppermill, Chicory, and Nutmeg. Bevin is also a childhood friend of Juniper, and Bradden is a half-brother of yet another character to be introduced. They're quite a fun and happy threesome, I must say, and I can also say that Peregrine loves to be tickled under his chin.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Eyebrows and Rattail, i.e. Chicory and Nutmeg

Chicory (left, full name Chicory Carolyn Collingwood, sometimes called 'Chicers'), and Nutmeg (right, full name Nutmeg Nancy Northrop, sometimes called 'Meggers') smile lovingly at each other. I like Chicory's big eyebrows and Nutmeg's punky little rattail. NSFW sketch here

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Looking for Love in the Bloodiest of Places

Presenting Julia Lucy Godwin II, quite possibly the oddest character I've created. Julia, or 'Jules', or 'Julers', as her friends sometimes call her, is a part time yuri manga artist, and a part time vampire, as well as being a full time oddball. I created her (sounds weird, but its true) years ago, and fleshed out a little of her story, and its nice to 'update' her a little bit. 

Julia has, so far as I know, the only 'double-bunch' hairstyle I've ever seen. I like the bunch or 'twin tail' look, and more than a few of my characters have it, but Julia is the only one with four bunches. I don't know how everything stays up there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hopefully, Those Drinks Don't Contain too Much Sugar or Caffeine

Amy and Jasmine bond over a can of Comely Stance (perhaps a relative of Comely Ascent, seen elsewhere in this blog?). Amy is obviously taken from the second picture here; I merely added Jasmine and did a little editing. A wonderful pair. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

Fan Service

Quite literally what the picture says. Amy puts her feet up and cools off. Fans are probably so 'disposable' now that one doesn't need to service them, but, what the hell?

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Full-Bodied Love

More or less the full-sized version of this

Perhaps this is the equivalent of the 'pre-hug' picture, with some of the obvious changes. At any rate, a few notes on Jasmine. She and Amy befriended each other, so she's part of Amy's 'group'. She does have a girlfriend (named Jade), but I have yet to draw her. I expect she'll love to see Jasmine hanging out bottomless in Amy and Kate's garden.

There is a NSFW version at the usual place

Monday, May 25, 2020

That's What's Under There?

As I was 'adding Kate' to the first picture of Amy here, it occurred to me that I have never once, to my knowledge, drawn panties. I've either done straight-up nudes, or fully clothed, or bottomless-but-can't-really-tell, but never panties. So, why not give it a go?

To add Kate to this picture, let's just say it was better to cut out most of the background of the original, but that's how it goes. The focus is, and always should be, Amy and Kate.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Formalwear Continuation of...

...the second and third pictures here. Amy as a teacher, or perhaps a student, or perhaps a parent with a student at teacher's night. Who knows? Whatever the case may be, I like when Amy wears suits; they suit her.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Three Boyfriends with Names Ending in 'y'

A sketch of Robby, Harry (middle, glasses) and Kerry (right). Robby, of course, recently made his debut here, but this is the first time for Henry 'Harry' Bell and Kieran 'Kerry' Appleby. I had actually drawn these two years ago, as boyfriends, so its nice to 'dust them off' and update them for the new millennium, as it were. Adding Robby to the mix only livens things up, of course.